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Lenzie Community Transport - Lenzie CDT is currently exploring the potential for the development of an initiative to support community transport projects.

The basic premise would be to establish a model that makes it easier for Lenzie to set up and run a community transport service sustainably (e.g. car share, electric vehicles, car clubs etc).

The trust recognises that more needs to be done in this area if communities are to try and address the disappearance of public transport services, support local people to be able to access services and tackle issues such as social isolation and the various environmental issues associated with private car use.

River Kelvin/Allander Water Pathway Extension - This project is now being taken forward by Baldernock Community Development Trust. Although following a slightly different route, their plan achieves the same end result - linking communities to the Falkirk Wheel and West Highland Way.

Update - The name of the project has changed and is now referred to as "East Dunbartonshire East/West Active Travel Campaign"  Baldernock CDT are working in partnership with Milngavie Community Council who are the Project Managers. Rona Mackay MSP has provided a letter in support of the project, and work is ongoing in contacting community groups and local businesses to gain further support.