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About LCDT

Lenzie Community Development Trust (LCDT) was officially established in October 2017 as an entity to support active citizenship, contribute to civic renewal and to help people get involved and have a say about local services and issues.
We exist to benefit the whole of the community and our focus includes sustainable community development, environmental protection, the provision of housing and services in Lenzie and promoting and preserving our local culture, heritage and history. 

About development trusts


Development trusts are community owned and led organisations, that work to combine community led action with an enterprising approach to address and tackle local needs and issues. Their aim is to create social, economic and environmental renewal in a defined geographical area, creating wealth within that area and keeping it there.

Lenzie CDT's board members are


Chris has been active with LCDT since the very beginning. A retired GP, she has served the community for over 40 years. 

Since retirement Chris enjoys charity work, gardening, and travel

Chris Roan



Margaret has been involved since before the formal start of LCDT. A keen gardener Margaret plays a vital role in helping to organise the bi-monthly community garden volunteering activities at Myrtle Avenue and Victoria Road

Margaret Reid


John joined the board in 2020. A retired businessman he sat on the Board of Directors for Dunbartonshire Chamber of Commerce. Since retirement, he enjoys spending time in the great outdoors

John Whitelaw


Margaret has been active in the community since before the start of LCDT. A retired Psychologist with an interest in the relationship between the place where we live and our health and wellbeing

Margaret Whitelaw



Carolynn joined the board in 2019. A Consultant Oncologist by profession, she enjoys spending time with her family, and doing charity work.

Carolynn Scrimgeour



Dias is an IT Manager and Consultant with a keen interest in communities and gardening. He believes in promoting and sustaining small towns and communities by engaging and supporting local businesses and organisations

Dias Mathew-John


LCDT are members of the Development Trust Association Scotland (DTAS). More information about them can be found here:

LCDT are members of the Scottish Council for Voluntary Organisations (SCVO). More information about them can be found here:

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